As the 2018 wedding season approaches, here are the biggest trends we are seeing in our couple's weddings.

Wedding Trailers

Our biggest expectation is to see wedding trailers. In 2017, wedding trailers flooded Instagram!  Just like a movie trailer, a wedding trailer acts as a preview of a couple’s wedding film. Each trailer is designed for viewers to want to see more. At its heart, every wedding trailer is produced to share a glimpse into a few emotional moments without giving everything away. They are usually 60 seconds long, which make them perfect for Instagram!

Same Day Video

Same Day Edits are a great way to show your guests everything that they may have missed throughout the day. Same day edits usually include a small portion of bridal prep and the ceremony. Though they can be costly, a Same Day Edit can act as a nice ending point of the evening.

Save the Date Video

If you are looking for a new way to announce your wedding date, a Save the Date Video is perfect! They usually include a few photos and videos of the couple with an invitation to the wedding at the end. It is a great way, to stand out and make a memorable announcement.

Digital Delivery

It’s no secret, physical media is dying. Lots of couples don’t even own a DVD player. In the next year, digital delivery is going to become key. It is far faster and easier than creating, shipping, and playing a DVD. Plus having a digital file means your wedding film will be compatible forever.


Finally, we’ve seen a shift from documentary wedding films to cinematic wedding films. Both include similar elements, but cinematic wedding films are shot and edited much more strategically which creates a much more visually pleasant film.

These are just a few trends, we've seen in 2018. Are you planning to do any of these?

Ryan Yorgen